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foot of snow. we'll show you where it's headed next. the deejays behind the royal prank tragedy open up in an emotional interview, and we'll talk to the senator who's taking on mtv. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> any time you got two guys in there tangoing, you've got a chance to get it done. >> president obama and speaker boehner negotiate face to face at the white house. >> republicans are softening their resistance to a tax increase for the rich, but they want something in return. >> there is a growing group of folks realizing that we don't have a lot of cards as it related to the tax issue. >> an american doctor who had been kidnapped by the taliban in afghanistan was rescued. >> dr. dilip joseph is free, but one u.s. navy seal lost his life in this mission. >> this fallen hero was a member of navy s.e.a.l. team 6. >> condolences pouring in after the tragic death of mexican-american singer jenni rivera, killed in a plane crash.
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>> for the first time since their prank call that led to the apparent suicide of kate middleton's nurse, those radio hosts are speaking out. >> we didn't have any idea like something like this could possibly happen. we couldn't see this p haing. it was meant to be a prank call. >> the midwest covered in snow this morning. some saw up to 17 inches of snow. >> you head out with your well dressed pet monkey. suddenly you two are separated. >> oh, my god, there's a monkey. >> the green bay packers has won 7 of their last 8. >> watch his right leg. oh, that didn't look good. >> as soon as i get hit, i screamed, like a man, of course. >> all that matters. >> if anybody out there who's, quote, rich doesn't think their taxes go up, the drinks are on me. >> on "cbs this morning." >> with all this twinkie talk, i about me. >> you're not the only one who
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hasn't received attention. you haven't heard anybody mention the hostess snowball. >> what the fudge? captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." there are 22 days left to the fiscal cliff deadline. there is no deal yet, but the two leading players are now talking face to face. >> and some republicans m congress are pushing their leaders to be a little bit more flexible. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. the white house meeting yesterday between president obama and speaker boehner occurred after the president extended that invitation to boehner quite quietly on friday. after the meeting, both were described as hopeful. even so, a followup meeting between white house staff and republican congressional staff on underlying details of a fiscal cliff deal apparently achieved little progress. the president met with boehner after huddling friday with house minority leader nancy pelosi and telephoning senate majority leader harry reid.
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both democrats wanted to make sure president obama will not freeze them out of fiscal cliff negotiations. far from frozen, some set of republicans appear to be warming to higher tax rates on households earning more than $250,000. if and only if that leads to benefit cuts in health care entitlements like medicare and medicaid. >> give the president the 2% increase that he's talking about, the right increase on the top 2%, and all of a sudden, the shift goes back to entitlements. >> but house republicans, the key to any fiscal cliff deals remains suspicious. >> the president wants the rates to go up, that doesn't solve the problem. we don't want to be back here in another year, in another ten years answering the same questions. >> reporter: the republican co-chairman of the deficit reduction commission said higher tax rates are inevitable. >> if anybody out there who's, quote, rich doesn't think their taxes go up, the drinks are on me. i'll cover it. >> reporter: mr. obama and house democrats are open to making wealthier taxpayers pay more in medicare taxes but are reluctant to raise, as republicans want,
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the eligibility for medicare. >> where does a person turn if they're 65 years of age and the medicare eligibility age is 67? they have two years there where they may not have the best of health. they need to have accessible, affordable medical insurance during that period. >> reporter: the democratic co-chairman of the democrat deficit reduction commission remains optimistic. >> they've started to tango now. any time you've got two guys tangoing, you've got a chance to get it done. >> reporter: within the hour, the president will leave the white house and head for detroit, where he'll continue to press his case for keeping middle class tax rates where they are but raising it for middle income earners. that will continue to put pressure on house republicans to achieve a fiscal cliff deal in the coming days. speaker boehner has made it clear to the white house and his own republicans in the house he wants a deal no later than this saturday. >> major garrett, thank you. in an interview on friday, i asked general electric chairman and ceo jeff immelt for his thoughts on the looming fiscal
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cliff and the impact it could have on the u.s. economy. >> i'd make a couple comments. we've got to get this done now. not there are people who write and go on news shows and say we can let it lapse two weeks. that is specifically not true. we need this to get resolved now. not because because jim mcnerney will say it or jeff immelt will say it, but the millions who work for us, their lives are in flux. this is incredibly credible that we get it done now. we need revenue. everybody knows we need revenue. >> i think the president is right in asking for more revenue and therefore not extending the bush tax cuts to those with more than $250,000. >> bowles-simpson, there's not been one commission that says we can do this just on spending cuts. there has to be revenue. i think speaker boehner is the only guy that can lead us in that. >> that means you've got to take the republicans from the house of representatives and make the
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deal. >> and i trust that he could do it. >> we'll have more of that conversation with jeff immelt, including more on the fiscal crisis facing the nation coming up in our next hour. first we turn now to former house majority leader dick armey. he had his own budget battles with the white house in the 1990s. he recently served as chairman of the tea party group freedom works. good morning, leader. >> good morning. >> it seems that republicans, some senators are beginning to shift and say give the president his 2% tax increase on those households making more than $250,000, and then the focus can turn to entitlements. are you in that group? >> well, that's something they hope for, but there's an awful lot of us that remember time after time after time what we got from the democrats was give us the tax increases now. we'll give you spending cuts later. spending cuts never showed up. one of the things that, of course, we just met again yesterday. maybe there's reasons for john
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boehner to be hopeful that the president really going to sit down and work with him. i mean work with him. rather than to tell him what i require, but the fact of the matter is john boehner has got the toughest job in town. he's got a seriously divided majori majority sigh seriously divided ma zwrojority in the house, a s that they question whether they can do anything over there, and a president that says, once you give me what i want, i'll talk to you. my point of view is, unless the president shows some real negotiating -- let's say vigor, commitment, what i would do, if i was john boehner, is i would take my version of what i think is the best policy for america to the floor, offer the democrats on behalf of the president a chance to offer a substitute. take the vote.
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if the president has his overwhelming mandate from the american people, the 435 members of congress will recognize that map date in their districts, and he'll win the vote. if he wins the vote, then he owns the results, and he can take it to the senate, which is controlled by his party within the law and live with the consequences. >> so, leader armey, i want to ask you, though, about how powerful the tea party is. is the tea party holding back house republicans and speaker boehner from agreeing to additional revenues, more than $1 trillion, raising those rates on the wealthiest americans? >> no, not at all. first of all, understand the tea party is not a political party. it is a group of people across the country that have a commitment to a set of principles. they believe economic growth is the first, most important need of this country, which means get the government to stand down, quit interfering, quit
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obstructing growth. >> okay. >> in so many ways, not the least of which is the epa, and you've got a the lot of members of congress that agree with that. >> leader, you are leading freedom works, an organization of tea party people. i want to ask you about that record because freedom works spent $40 million in the last election, and you had less than 1 in 4 of a winning record on the candidate you backed. was it the organization, or is the tea party weakened? >> no, i don't think that's at all. we had a lot of candidates, quite frankly, that did dumb things out there. once the candidate wins the primary, becomes the republican nominati nomination, the republican party has an obligation to that candidate. i don't think the republican party schooled their candidates very well or supported their candidates very well. we had at least two candidates that should have won, that frankly lost because they said some stupid things on the
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subject that their party's leaders should have schooled them to stay away from in the first place. >> thank you. >> the latest off on the tea party activists across the country i think is just alibi on the part of the republican party. >> dick armey, leader, thank you so much. we appreciate it. and the colorado doctor kidnapped in afghanistan is safe this morning after a daring rescue mission carried out by a team of navy s.e.a.l.s. dr. dilip joseph was captured on wednesday by taliban forces. one american and seven taliban were killed in sunday morning raids. in a statement, president obama said the mission was characteristic of the extraordinary courage, skill, and patriotism that our troops show every day. tragically, we lost one of our special operators in this effort. our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. senior correspondent john miller, the former assistant director of the national intelligence, is with us. john, this was incredible when we got the news last night that one of our special operators had died and that an american had been rescued.
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what have you learned about this operation? >> this was a very interesting operation in that it was a very short turnaround. you usually see in these things is there's a kidnapping. there's a move from one location to another. weeks, sometimes months go by, and they carefully plan a rescue operation. in this one, opportunities presented itself. you had two hostages released. you had one of the people captured. you had a number of individuals who knew the location and the layout. so they put something together very quickly, and this is a navy s.e.a.l. team. they've done this before. this is a dynamic entry, close quarter battle, and the key to these things is surprise, speed, and violence of action. you get in there before they know you're coming. you're through the door before they know what's going on. flash bang grenades, things like that, and rarely in these things can you get in and out without casualties? usually the casualties are not on our side. >> i suspect we'll see more of these kinds of things as we move away from the kinds of battles
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that we've seen before because the head of special operations had said to me, talking about the obama -- the osama bin laden raid -- we do these kinds of things every night. >> that's right. when you look at the numbers, they'd done hundreds of those. they did a number of operations the night of the bin laden raid. they have these things down. there's no such thing as no risk. when you lose an operator, it's a reminder that even the best of the best of the best, you're going into a place where people are shooting at you. the upper midwest is digging out from the first major snowstorm in the season. now it is heading east. holly wagner from our station wcco is in minneapolis. holly? >> reporter: winter is still a week and a half away, but you wouldn't know it by the looks of things around here. minnesota bore the brunt of this nasty weather system with some spots getting 16 inches of snow. it was the single heaviest snowfall the state has seen in
7:13 am
two years. the snow piled up across the midwest this weekend with blizzard-like conditions stretching from the dakotas to wisconsin and minnesota. wind and snow made for a lethal combination on the roadways, whether traveling by bike or car. across minnesota, officials reported more than 950 spin-outs and nearly 600 car accidents. at least one of them fatal. it took a whole crew to free this truck from the snow pile in minneapolis sunday. at a snow covered minneapolis/st. paul airport, around 150 flights were cancelled. though at least one runway managed to stay open. snow fell on the state at a rate of one inch per hour. the twin cities got 10 inches. that's nearly half of what the area saw all of last season. still that didn't stop diehard football fans from tailgating ahead of the minnesota vikings-chicago bears game. >> couldn't be better. this is minnesota weather. this is what we want.
7:14 am
>> reporter: two years ago minnesota's famed metrodome buckled under the weight of the snow. this year officials didn't take any chances, cranking up the heat as a precaution. the storm did spare some parts of the midwest. iowa only got a trace of the white stuff. but it was enough to end the state's snowless streak, which lasted for 278 days. the snow stops here, but rain from the system will soon start in the northeast and southeast. forecasters don't even expect the highs to get out of the teens today in minnesota. add in windchill, and it feels well below zero. for "cbs this morning," holly wagner, minneapolis, minnesota. now a tragedy in the world of latin music. fans are mourning one of their greatest stars who was on the verge of crossing over to a wider audience. singer jenni rivera's plane crashed in northern mexico sunday morning. all seven people on board were killed. bill whitaker is in linwood, california, where rivera's fans held a vigil last night. bill, good morning.
7:15 am
>> reporter: if you don't know the name of mexican-american singer jenni rivera, chances are you soon would have. she had just signed with a major talent agency here in the states and was tapped to star in her own sitcom. behind it all was a voice that mixed power, drama, and grace beautifully. ♪ to her fans, 23-year-old jenni rivera was more than a singer, she was known as la braun senora, the grande dame of music. >> jenni rivera was bold and brash. she was a very commanding woman with a commanding voice. >> reporter: that voice was silenced early sunday morning soon after this concert in monterrey, mexico, rivera and six others boarded a small plane. this photo is thought to be the final image we have of the singer before the aircraft went
7:16 am
down on its way. there were no survivors. >> the plane is totalled. nobody inside survived. the bodies are unrecognizable. >> reporter: rivera was born in southern california. fans gathered last night at a local plaza in los angeles to pay tribute to a singer who worked hard to make her dreams come true. >> whatever culture you were from, she inspired you as a woman. >> reporter: part of what endeared rivera to her fans was her outspoken honesty. she starred in a highly rated bilingual reality show that showcased her easy sense of humor. >> no more grandbabies. >> mom, no. it's the first stage. no way. >> she had just signed a deal actually to do a comedy with abc. so she was really poised for mainstream success. >> reporter: we'll never know if
7:17 am
jenni rivera would have added an emmy to her billboard awards and her latin grammy nominations. now all that lives on is her music. ♪ rivera's death is being compared to that of singer selena back in 1995, but rivera was perhaps better known than selena was at the time of her death. selena was just in her mid-20s. rivera's fans have been following and loving her for decades. norah, charlie? >> bill whitaker, thanks. there is growing concern for the health of nelson mandela. south africa's government says the former president had a good night's rest in the hospital, but officials aren't saying why he's there, and that has many people worried. mark phillips is in pretoria, south africa. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. in the absence of any specific detail on nelson mandela's condition, he's been in the hospital for two days now. inevitably the speculation rises and so does the concern.
7:18 am
the last, more or less, public appearance of nelson mandela was on his 94th birthday last july. when we saw him with his family at a birthday lunch in his home village of kunu in the rural eastern cape province. at that time, he seemed physically robust but mentally distant from what was going on around him. when news emerged that mandela had been moved to a military hospital in pretoria, the worrying began again. >> we nid him around. we need his wisdom. >> reporter: but there was reassuring news from the government minister who saw mandela today. >> he is doing very, very well. he's undergoing a series of tests to determine what is going on in his body. >> reporter: mandela has been retired from politics for more than a decade but
7:19 am
and it's going to be a nice day weather wise. we're seeing a lot of clear skies to start you off with. here's a live look at the southway over san jose. temperatures mainly in the 60s. a couple low 60s as well. some 40s in some of the inland spots like santa rosa. satellite radar shows high pressure over the area. we arer going to remain dry over -- we are going to remain dry over the next couple of days and a chance of rain by wednesday. >> announcer: this national
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by big lots! if you want big savings, then you want big lots! >> do you have any hot wheels? yes. >> barbies? the fallout from the royal phone prank continues in london. now the deejays behind the hoax are speaking out for the first time. i'm so devastated for them. i'm really feeling for them. and move over, jersey shore. there's a new reality show on mtv that's causing quite a controversy and has the people of west virginia fighting mad. >> if it was your state and
7:21 am
these were your children, how would you feel about it? >> we'll hear from senator joe manchin about why he's not wild about "buckwild" on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by mercedes-benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. ♪ [ male announcer ] they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best. and at this special time of year, they shine even brighter. come to the winter event and get the mercedes-benz you've always wished for, now for an exceptional price. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 glk350 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. but kissing is at an all-time high! i want answers! ♪
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from our family to yours. ment. this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. it's 7:26 i'm michelle griego. a man died overnight after he and a woman were found bound gagged middle of a street. the woman has life threatening injuries. a fallen power line caught a laundry truck on fire in san leandro this morning. two men avoided injury by jumping clear of the truck without touching it.
7:26 am
well, crabbers will meet at ten in san francisco to decide whether to go back out to sea. they've been on strike since last week because of lower prices for their catch. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning, well, you might see brake lights as you work your way in and out of san francisco. southbound 280 we had an accident earlier. south 280 through daly city seeing brakes lights and near guadalupe parkway, that accident is clear but a slow ride through downtown san jose as well as 101 northbound through san jose and do san. and here's a lovely picture. we'll seal sunshine throughout the day. temperatures until the mid-and
7:28 am
upper 60s. 66 in mountain view, 67 in san jose. the mild weather will not last long. cooler weather by tomorrow and tuesday night into wednesday we have a good chance of rain hitting the bay area and things remain unsettled over the weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:29 am
i agree. there would be no tax increases. i repeat, zero tax increases. now, why would i do that? i mean i won the election. well, simply put, i felt sorry for this man. i realize how badly the republican party treats him when he even considers raising taxes. this man, this grown man was pushed into the congressional
7:30 am
ladies' washroom, naked from the waist down. >> they held me down and took my pants. >> so, you know, republicans, you win? okay? you get what you want. but you leave this man alone. you leave this poor orange man alone. welcome back to "cbs this morning." two australian radio hosts are apologizing for their prank phone call to the hospital where prince william's wife catherine was being treated. >> they say they were heartbroken to learn that the nurse who treated the duchess had committed suicide. elizabeth is outside the hospital. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. this is the first time the two deejays have spoken publicly on australian national television. the interviewer started by asking them if they remember the moment they heard that nurse jacint
7:31 am
jacintha sal vanna killed herself. >> unfortunately i remember. i remember my first question was was she a mother. >> when you found out she was, how did -- >> very sorry and saddened for the family and i can't imagine what they'd be going through. >> what about you, michael? >> i'm gutted, you know. shattered. heartbroken. >> reporter: last tuesday the two called london's king edward vii hospital where duchess kate was. >> hello, can i speak to kate, please, my granddaughter. >> reporter: it was the nurse who put them through and a conversation with an entirely different nurse went viral. >> okay.
7:32 am
so when is a good time to visit her because i'm the queen so i need a lift down there. >> the accents were terrible. it was designed to be stupid. we were never meant to get that far from the little corgis barking in the background. we wanted it to be a joke. >> their manager said they tried to ring them up. >> we tried to call them up. >> before you went to air. >> absolutely. three days later she was found dead. she was the mother of two teenaged children. >> they are clearly shocked and devastated as to what has happened and bewindered that this has happened to their family. >> as fehr mel greig and michael
7:33 am
christian, they, too, look shattered by their prank gone wrong. >> right now -- >> i care more about the family. i want to know that they've got the support that they need and that the public is being respectful of their privacy. >> reporter: a poll in australia of some 11,000 people showed that two-thirds of them didn't blame the deejays for the nurse's apparent suicide, but the stock market's reaction was more severe. the shares of the radio station's parent company were down 6%. >> and what about the police? what are they doing now? >> reporter: well, there's no investigation yet because it's not clear anything illegal has taken place, but they are waiting for the results of the postmortem, which we're expect this week. >> all right. elizabeth palmer, thank you. i read that princess kate is still struggling with this thing and prince william said he
7:34 am
doesn't know why they call it morning sickness. they should call it all day and all night sickness hchl e has had to cancel convenients to be with her. the crisis in egypt is not going the end soon. they're calling for more protests. "the miami herald" says john mcafee wants to come back to the u.s. the software company founder is in guatemala fighting an order to be september back to belize where he's wanted for the questions of the death of a neighbor. he says he wants to settle down i simply would like to live comfortable day by day, fish, swim, enjoy my declining years. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" says consumer spending is showing signing of weakening. economists say spending power is being threatn'ted by high unemployment and the fear of increased taxes from the approaching fiscal cliff.
7:35 am
>> the team held a moment of silence before surnnday's game against cincinnati to honor jerry brown who was killed in a car accident on saturday. defensive lineman josh brent was charged with driving the car. charged with intoxication. "usa today" says instagram photos are not showing up on twitter this morning. they cut their direct links to facebook on sunday. twitter users w surrounding "buckwild" next on "cbs this morning."
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mtv's newest reality show "buckwild" is being described as a skrer she shore app lay tur. one of the things these shows have in common is they stir up controversy before they go on air. >> reporter: a group of wild and crazy friends partying, hooking up, and cursing up a storm. no, this isn't "jersey shore." it's the new mtv series, "buckwild." and people in west virginia are not happy about it. >> in no way, shape, or form is this reality and definitely not reality in west virginia. we have an awful lot of constituents very much offended trying to defend our state in
7:41 am
this light. as i'm told this was all scripted and it will take four, five, six takes if that's what's needed to make it look as outrageous as it possibly can. >> reporter: mtv declined our interview quest but they told "entertainment weekly," it's not like looking at a train wreck. it's going to get people talking and might change people's perspectives and be refreshing for the mtv audience. but the senator says it's offensive and asked them to pull the plug. >> if this were your state and these were your children, how would you feel about it? >> reporter: the show is taking the coveted thursday nighttime slot that was taken by "jersey shore." >> i want to remind all of you something. they're not from new jersey. they're from new york.
7:42 am
>> reporter: "buckwild" is an example of a genre some have dubbed redneck reality like tlc's "here comes honey boo boo." animal planet has two hits. "call of the wild man," and "hillbilly hand fishin'." but mansion says "buckwild" has gone too far. >> if that's what you're calling entertainment, it's a sad state of affairs in america today. i love west virginia and this is not the west virginia that i know and the people that i know and it's not the youth that i
7:43 am
and skies are clear as a bell this morning over san francisco and you can see the golden gate bridge there in the us distance as well. by this afternoon temperatures will be on the mild side, a lot of mid to upper 60s. 64 in fremont. mid 60s in livermore and 67 in san jose. it's going to stay dry for the next couple of days and tuesday night into wednesday morning, things get wet. if you want to play better golf, your eyes may be just as important as your swing. look at the science behind quiet eye training. that's next on "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again.
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7:48 am
a little "gangnam style" to the first family last night. the international sensation performed in front of the president last night. psy took the stage. one of his songs referred to killing yankees. he has apologized for using inappropriate language in those south korean protests. welcome back to "cbs this morning." some people on capitol hill suspect that she's already made the biggest one, whether to run for president again. we'll look at her options and the rising speculation about them ahead on "cbs this morning." but right now, dr. holly phillips looks at a training method where you see your way to a better golf game.
7:49 am
good morning. today on "healthwatch," keeping your eye on the ball. if you've taken an elementary gym class, you've heard of the saying keep your eye on the ball. it turns out that's right. we show the physical and mental reasons why. half were given coaching to improve their swing while the other half learned a gaze focusing technique called quiet eye technique. it involves looking at the ball in such a way that multiple areas of the brain can process aiming information. the eye on the ball group sank 17% more putts. the researchers say a quiet focused eye distracts mental chatter going on in the mind and allows the brain to better direct the body. what's more, it slows the heart rate, decreases muscle twitches, and lowers performance anxiety. similar results have been reported among soccer penalty
7:50 am
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7:54 am
,,,, preparing for a potential rebound. second free-throw. my goodness. >> i'm not sure that was. >> that may be the woerst free-throw i've ever recorded or ever recorded. he did not get close to the basket in sunday's game against western carolina. there are air balls and then there is this. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> yeah. that was quite an air ball. >> the rebound was the key to it. they said rebound. they were trying to rebound off of it and it all went crazy. now and from a spectacularly bad play on the court to a spectacularly good play on the football feeble. johnny manziel made history over the weekend, winning the heisman trophy. that story ahead on "cbs this
7:55 am
morning." this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. hi everyone and good morning, it's 7:56 i'm frank mallicoat get you updated on bay area headlines. two men escaped a burning truck in san leandro this morning around 3:30. a live power line dropped on their laundry truck and triggered a fire. they got out without touching the truck's body and avoided electrocution. fortunately nobody was hurt but the truck is a total loss:
7:56 am
today sentencing day for the woman who called michelle le. gisele esteban facing 25 years in jail for first-degree murder. le's body was found in a remote area. est -- esteban killed her in a jealous rant. it's a beautiful day, i think you're going to enjoy weather report coming up. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months.
7:57 am
good morning, metering lights still on at the bay bridge toll plaza. you're going to see delays up the incline as well. no accidents to report. elsewhere, we have an accident northbound 280 right at dianza. traffic flowing through the area. i'm noticing blue skies in the traffic cameras and weather
7:58 am
cameras. the sun coming up over mount vaca. mid to upper 60s most parts of the bay areas. 67 in san e jose. one of the warmer spots. slightly cooler by tomorrow and rain hits the bay area by wednesday.
7:59 am
good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this may be the critical week for a deal on the fiscal cliff. general electric ceo jeff immelt will tell us what's at stake in the u.s. and around the world. and we'll talk with the ladies from "the talk" who are spending part of the holidays here in new york city. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener at 8:00."
8:00 am
>> the white house meeting here between president obama and speaker boehner occurred after the president extended that invitation to boehner on friday. >> there are 22 days left till the fiscal cliff deadline. there is no deal yet, but the two leading players are now talking face to face. the colorado doctor kidnapped in afghanistan is safe this morning after a daring rescue mission by a team of navy s.e.a.l.s. >> the key to these things is surprise, speed and action. you get in there before they know you're coming. you're to the door before they know what's going on. the upper midwest is digging out from its first major snowstorm. >> minnesota bore the brunt of this weather, some spots getting 16 inches of snow. two australian radio hosts are apologizing for their prank phone call to the hospital where prince william's wife, catherine, was being treated. >>. >> shattered, heartbroken. a u.s. senator is fighting mad this morning about a new mtv reality show set in west virginia.
8:01 am
>> it's a sad state of affairs in america today. >> if north carolina. >> exactly. >> president obama on his twitter urged republicans who stepped in to avoid the fiscal cliff because if they won't listen to the president of the united states, maybe they'll listen to @muffinbust ee@muffin. >> the "eye opener at 8:00" is brought to you by the aarp. i'm charlie rose. there are only three weeks left until the fiscal cliff, but there's signs this morning the stalemate in washington is starting to break. >> and that's good news for both sides of the aisle. president obama and house speaker john boehner met face to face sunday for the first time in nearly a month. major garrett is at the white house with where things stand this morning. >> reporter: speaker boehner has told the white house and his fellow house republicans he wants the outlines of a fiscal cliff deal no later than this
8:02 am
saturday. and if that's to be achieved, events of this past weekend may have proved piftal. obama and boehner met here at the white house sunday, and that meeting left both hopeful those subsequent conversations at the staff level achieved little apparent progress. even so, the president extended the invitation to boehner friday after boehner, for the first time in a press conference, publicly at least hinted he might be open to raising the top income tax rates on the top 2% of american household income earners. that may have cleared an opening for the president and boehner if that did, in fact, happen, we'll know in the very near future. for "cbs this morning," major garrett, the white house. >> major garrett, thanks. early this morning we heard general electric chairman and ceo jeff immelt call on speaker boehner to, quote, take the heat and get republicans to support a compromise on the fiscal cliff. immelt knows about something about taking the heat. in our interview friday, he spoke at length about the consequences of not making a deal. and for those who say we can go
8:03 am
over the fiscal cliff and it might not be such a bad thing, you say? >> i say there are people that don't have anybody that works for them. you know, in other words, we haven't been on this for two weeks or two days or two months. we've been working on this for 2 1/2 years. what happened in july of 2011 was ugly. i read stories now that say, you know, the president lost, or he shouldn't have done this. or speaker boehner did that. they both failed. you know, nobody won on that moment in time. it made us -- it hurt us inside and outside the country. so i would say that if this goes into next year, we ought to consider that failure. we ought to get these guys to do a deal that they know we can do and we've got to get them to do it now. and this is not just jeff immelt at ge speaking. this is really, i would say, the business community almost universally speaks with one voice that this needs to get done now and moving it into next year is just failure. >> i don't know of any ceo who
8:04 am
knows more about the world because of how much you travel and how many countries you have business in. what's the impression of the united states in those countries? because you meet with the leaders of these countries as well as their establishments. what are they saying about us? clearly they're saying get your financial house in order. >> i think people look at that and say, this is a country that's so admired. why can't we do -- why can't people just compromise and get along and things like that? and i would go beyond that to say we are the -- the dollar is the reserve currency. every american benefits from that. every american. 300 million plus of us all benefit from the fact that we're the reserve currency. now, you either fall on your debt or raise your debt ratings a few times, that's not going to be the case, and you lose that in a minute. that isn't something that erodes over a decade. and so we can't take that for granted. that is an important aspect. >> this has been a good ride for you, you know. i mean, you love the job.
8:05 am
>> yeah. >> the hardest thing, i assume, was the dividend announcement and not meeting expectations for a quarter. >> mm-hmm. >> what do you wake up and say when you know you've got to make that call? >> oh, look, i'd say cutting the dividend was the worst day of my life. i just hated myself. i felt like i had let so many people down. i said i wouldn't do it. i was so incredibly disappointed in myself. i'll never forget it, charlie, as long as i live, but it was what i had to do for the company at that moment in time. and i just think the strength of will to get up the next day and to face your team with a smile on your face quite confident and go forward, that's why we have these jobs. really, in the good days, they're not that hard to manage. i've got a ton of good people that work for me that could run ge on the good days. it's those bad days where you actually need somebody to step up and take the heat.
8:06 am
and it's seared in my soul. and investors should know that i will work my butt off for the rest of my life. you know, really, i think you can make people -- you know, if you don't make the tough decision at the right time, you're going to lose your company. but if you make it and persevere, people will like you again someday. >> maybe not that day but someday. >> not that day. you're going to have one day, if you do these jobs a long time, you'll have one or two days where everybody hates you. >> you can see -- we know what he's talking about, don't we? >> yes, we do. >> you can see my entire interview tonight on "charlie rose" program on pbs. a very interesting guy. what he said that was -- i took away from it, he said, the business community is united about this. those two people in the white house talking this weekend have got to make a deal. >> yes. >> you know what i thought was interesting, it's so rare you see a ceo of that stature talking so candidly about
8:07 am
something so personal. he said he was very disappointed. you don't see guys talking that way. >> the last time we saw it was with president obama in the white house. you remember that? >> i think you brought something out in people is the point i was making. all right, now from gridlock to the gridiron. texas a&m -- >> nice segue. >> yeah, how about that? texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel won the heisman trophy on saturday. he is the first freshman ever to win it. his team averaged more than 550 yards and 44 points a game during the season. manziel's next big challenge is the cotton bowl january 4th when the aggies take on oklahoma. >> i watched him when he won. i got so tickled that he thanked his grandfather and grandma. >> so sweet. >> got to love a guy who does that. and mercedes-benz iss
8:08 am
she's a famous powerful diplomat who's about to leave her high-profile job. what does hillary clinton do now? the buzz around d.c. from both sides of the aisle have her
8:09 am
getting ready for a presidential run. we'll look at the pros and the cons. that's next on "cbs this morning." this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by aarp, fighting to keep medicare and social security strong for generations to come. e strong for generations to come. anncr: but you deserve straight talk about the options on the... table and what they mean for you and your family. ancr: aarp is cutting through all the political spin. because for our 37 million members, only one word counts. get the facts at let's keep medicare... and social security strong for generations to come.
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,,,,,,,, [ traffic passing ] ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
8:13 am
♪ secretary of state hillary clinton has made it clear that she will not stay for president obama's second term, so everyone in politics is asking the same question, what happens at the end of that second term in 2016? >> every democrat i know says god, i hope she runs. we don't need a primary. we don't want to fight with anybody over anything. >> their competitor in 2016 is going to be hillary clinton supported by bill clinton and presumably a still popular president, barack obama, trying to win that will be truly the super bowl. and the republican party today is incapable of competing at that level. >> with us now, republican strategist frank blunt and jody cantor. you wrote a piece in krur column and everybody has been talking about this since, it seems to me that she wants to rest, first of
8:14 am
all. i mean, she's had four tough years of which her reputation's gone up. secondly, it seems to me when she faces this decision, it's going to be history, the first woman to run for president. and so the decision becomes inevitable. what's wrong with that idea? what could go wrong in this? >> as we know, everything can go wrong in politics. and the last time she was the presumed presidential front-runner in 2008, things did not go very well for her. one challenge she has now, when you're deciding to run for president, the rest of your life is in kind of limbo. her former aides, she wants to rest, she wants to write a book, she wants to work on behalf of women and girls. but the way that you do all of those things can change depending on whether you want to leave the door open to a run. so she can try to make these smaller decisions, but in a sense, the rest of her life is
8:15 am
contingent on the big one, is she going to do it or not in 2016? >> so jody, you are known for your thorough reporting. i know you spoke with more than two dozen former and current aides. do they think she wants to run? >> they are basically divided into two camps. there are the ones who really think that she doesn't want to do it, but she has just had enough, she's given enough, she is ready for the next generation to step forward. then there are the aides who say that she is keeping her options open, that she hasn't made a decision yet. even they emphasize to be very cautious about what you hear on tv. there are all sorts of people with all sorts of confidence that she is absolutely going to run. they say do not believe that. she is extremely aware of the down sides of this, and she may not be ready for it. >> frank. >> well, in presidential campaigns, it's always the expectation game. and so her expectations are so high. i remember mark penn saying to a client, and i was there, we'll see you after the election when
8:16 am
it's president clinton, and of course it wasn't. the first thing she's got to do is find a new team. the people who led her campaign in 2008 should not be the ones if she decides in 2016 because they didn't get it. they didn't understand it. and secondly that she's got an opportunity now to really fix those challenges that made her such a popular, powerful person among democrats, but so polarizing. i do think she'd be the front-runner. i think joe biden will run as well. and so you're going to have two different generations at each other. and it will be an interesting contrast. if jeb bush decides that he wants to run yet again. we ould have a clinton/bush contest. >> yeah, and nobody knows, but if my impression is at a time like this when a woman has had such a rich and varied life in so many important positions, when history comes calling, you can't say no. >> well, also when everybody you meet, abroad, at home, every day tells you that you are truly the best person to be the next president of the united states,
8:17 am
which is what a lot of people are telling her, that is hard to resist. here's one to read which is that i do hear that president bill clinton is very eager for her to run. that he sits there on his plane and he games out the scenario for what a run may look like. so if everybody including your husband is telling you to do it, that's hard to resist. >> but for the same reason, he believes in her, but also history. >> you mentioned the world, what they're telling hillary clinton. there was the siobhan center forum where there was a tribute of world leaders. i want to play this clip where even world leaders are saying about her. listen. ♪ and when you smile >> a political comeback, i can tell you i don't think we've heard the last of hillary clinton. ♪ girl you're amazing just the way you are ♪ >> i just had an instinct that the best is yet to come. ♪ yeah
8:18 am
>> very highly produced video that sort of sets up, if you will, if she wants to run, right? >> and also, think about how much it benefits her in the short term. even if she decides not to do it two years from now, this kind of speculation adds to her luster. i mean, that video just said it all. >> thank you, jody and frank. >> that's right. great to see you. 12 years ago smashing pumpkins went to pieces and billy corgan recreated his alternative rock band. he's here to talk with us ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. omic times have led to an increase in clinical depression. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. on "cbs this" >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by capella university. ccess to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make
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[ giggling ]
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8:24 am
this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. hi everyone and good morning, 8:25 your time. i'm frank mallicoat with your news headlines. rescue teams are searching for a 77-year-old man, philip maddingly had been called to service a boat. and his family says henner came home. he's 6-foot tall, about 200 pounds and surgery scars on his left arm.
8:25 am
san jose residents will have one chance to voice their opinion about the city's next police chief. the last of four meetings set to go off at the south side community center. the next police chief will probably come from outside the city. no one within the department has applied for the job. and the bay bridge toll plaza is getting a new look starting tonight. caltrans plans to spend 6 1/2 million dollars to give the toll plaza a facelift and it will be done in the overnight hours in the next six months. got your traffic and weather coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning, northbound 101 at 237, we have report offense an offense -- reports of an accident blocking lanes and the westbound side of 237 at 880 and 101, 12 minute rides through there. and 580 and 680 we have reports of an accident blocking the number three lane, traffic stop and go. lots of brake lights. once you hit the bay bridge metering lights on. and cranking temperatures up across the bay area. here's the live look over san jose. temperatures depending on where you are tell the story. you can see it's only in the upper 30s in santa rosa and
8:28 am
fairfield. oakland coming in at 57 degrees. by this afternoon, everywhere is going to warm up. we're going to see mid to upper 60s and then it's going to cool down slightly by tomorrow and really cool down by wednesday. we have a good chance of rain tuesday night into wednesday morning and things look unsettled overred weekend. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
arnold schwarzenegger is sporting a new look that some blog irsays should be terminated. now, this is how we're used to seeing him, all right? and this is a photo of the governator with a brand-new haircut. what do you think? >> i think --
8:30 am
>> you think you would cringe? welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm thinking what just happened. a series of holiday shows, the ladies of "the talk" would be julie chen, sara gilbert, sharon osborne, sherry underwood who has a crush on charlie rose. i don't know who's more excited, cheryl, you or charlie. >> i am. >> you are? >> i am. we love each other. he just can't tell you all because he want no problem at the table. when i knew i was coming to see my boo charlie rose, i was flipping. hi, bookie-boo. >> i remember the last time she was here, she said, i love me some charlie rose. all three of us are coming on later today.
8:31 am
this is charlie rose -- he's a talk show virgin in the daytime. be careful. >> is it your first? >> it is. >> yay. >> we've got two virgins. we promise that we will be gentle. >> there's only one that will come out. >> well, i love that you said don't be worried, be scared. >> very, very afraid. >> he came over here for kisses. he said he was afraid. charlie, just take your rightful place on cheryl's lap right now, please. >> please. >> i would pay good money. but let's give a shout-out to all of you, emmy-award-winning -- emmy-nominated show. >> we're going with winning. >> we actually won an oscar. >> i remember that day. this this is the second season
8:32 am
with this lineup, so i'm thinking it's working. tell me why it's working so well for you. >> you know, for me, this was immediately -- i came in as a guest for a week and it just felt so natural and i feel -- the thing i was thinking about when i sat down with everybody is this really feels like a team. everybody loves working with each other. there's an incredible amount of support and you always feel like you can take risks on the show, everybody's always behind you, and like a team, one point for any of us is a point for the team. if somebody's got a bit, it's, yes, that was hilarious. there's so much support and our guests feel that way, too. >> for a team who's a quarterback, julie. >> here's my heisman pose. >> i thought you made a good point the other day about the daytime genre. you said think the single host show is over, that really people want to see different opinions.
8:33 am
do you think so? >> you know, here is my thee and you can waieigh in on this. i feel as if oprah did it better than anyone did or ever will, and when she hung it up, it's kind of like that day has come and gone. television goes through periods and genres. it's like this used to be the hot thing. reality shows won't be here one day. i just feel like that single talk show host daytime format, it's been overdone. >> it's over is the hardest thing to do. >> you know what it's like. >> listen. i tried twice and failed each time. it's the hardest thing to do. >> i tried too. you know what's so funny? once they had a list of failed talk shows who tried and when you see your name scrolling by as someone who's failed, i agree with you. people have no idea how hard it
8:34 am
is to be a host and do it day after day after day. you're right. what was the hardest struggle for you? >> it was -- for me, i was really paid to go to school. >> what do you mean? >> they paid me to go to school because i was learning every day. every day i was at school learning something else and something else and, you know, i had no idea what i was doing, but i would turn up. it's terribly hard. >> but don't you think that what you went through and what sharon went through opened the door for you to go through other things? >> i do. for all of us to be together. >> i will not fail at being mrs. charlie rose. >> oh, yeah. >> half of my money will be none of your money. i will spend all of your money living in the lap of luxury. >> if you keep this up, he might not show up.
8:35 am
you have to be subtle with charlie rose. >> no. you have to go in for the kill. he likes an aggressive assertive woman. he's man of mystery. >> i think he looks like he might like a bunny boy look. >> you know, i would never do that but i would put on a pot of hot water. >> sara gellar, this was all your idea way back in the day. is this what you had in mind when you first started? >> no. >> one host will assault another host. no. you know, the truth is, i mean the show has totally exceeded my expectations. i think when you think of something, you can never really picture what it's going to be,
8:36 am
and so many people bring their point of view in who they are, and so i feel really fortunate. you know, in some ways it has some of the elements i was hoping we'd have kind of a girlfriendy thing that you don't see all the time. so that's good. i feel like we really love each other and you see us relate on camera, so that's exciting to me. but in other ways, yeah, it's so much more. >> let's talk about some of the current topics in "buckwild," this new reality tv show in west virginia that we saw senator manchin, we did a story about it this morning saying not fair, it doesn't represent west virginians well. what do you think? >> reality shows started with you, miss osborne, stand up and take a bow. >> he doesn't realize that the more he says that, the bigger the show will be when it premieres. he should just zip it, you know? i do think that mtv lost all credibility for me, and i loved
8:37 am
the network. >> mm-hmm. >> the old mtv. but when they did the "teen pregnancy, "it was over. >> two exploitive? >> it was just -- in so many ways it was so wrong. >> and that was your network, mtv. i loved them. i mean when judy mcgraph was there, i mean i bowed down her, i idolized her. but the network's not the same anymore. >> well, you were so right when you say the more people talk and criticize about it, i think right now mtv is doing the hula saying keep talking, keep talking, because now people who weren't thinkling of watching is saying what's all the fuss about? >> and i think we need to put more responsibility on the viewer. the truth is if we weren't tuning in, there would be no show. >> right.
8:38 am
>> so cbs has the super bowl this year, right? yeah. >> we're going to be sharing jackson square in new orleans. so if you don't get your chance with charlie this week while you guys are here, new orleans, baby. >> football players there. he's going to have to share the attention there. he's got a big agenda there. >> yes. we're never going to see cheryl. it will be amazing if she shows up. >> i'll give up the afc for charlie rose. after three hurricanes, charlie, you won't know what hit you. >> cheryl, as you know -- cheryl knows this. once you go black, you never go back. >> and once you go charlie rose, everything glows. >> you are making this poor man blush. >> that's why i love him because he's smart, he's intelligent,
8:39 am
and we can walk arm and arm together, ebony and ivory, this is what the country's all about. we can do it, charlie. we could be the biggest couple that ever lived. >> it would be a brand, the two of you. >> i can see it now. >> charlie's going, how much longer will this continue? what's up next? >> we were at the building yesterday, and we hung out with the nfl guys. >> j.p. >> the nicest guy. >> nobody doesn't love j.b., but he's a harvard man. >> is he? >> yes. >> and he's a very religious machblt he said the cutest thing. so the guys have their five seats and we're standing off camera waiting to take our plachls i said, look, it's the male version of "the talk." then they asked us, the photographers said, all right, ladies, take your slot in
8:40 am
between each guy. j.b.'s such a gentleman. he said we're sitting while the ladies are standing. he said to the publicist, my mom's going to reach down from heaven and smack us in the head. >> that sounds like the jb we know and love, and we'll see you later this afternoon. >> we're going turn the tables on you guys and keep charlie and cheryl separated at opposite ends of the table. >> i think that would be a good idea. we'll see you this afternoon. you can see "the talk" all week long at 2:00 p.m. eastern and 1:00 p.m. central on cbs. >> billy corgan, he and sharon we are waking up to clear blue skies. here's a live look over mount diablo. we are expecting changes by midweek. by this afternoon we're going to see temperatures mainly in
8:41 am
the 60s, mid to upper 60s, 67 in san jose, 65 in san francisco. and rain moves into the bay area by wednesday. we're going to keep things unsettled by the weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:42 am
8:43 am
unique sound of smashing pumpkins was unique in the 1990s. the brand broke up and now its founder and front man billy corgan is bringing his music back to center stage. >> billy corgan is a musical genius. he's one of the more ambitious, challenging, at times difficult artists in rock history. there's really no one like him. >> i don't think there was anybody that really sounded like the smashing pumpkins then or then. >> it was always very clear that this was billy's vision. >> billy corrigan, unlike a lot of his peers could play, could play a lot of instruments and play them well. >> this guitar emits sad tones,
8:44 am
this guitar brings much joy to everyone i know. >> he was the breaking record for it. >> he provides the lightness and the darkness and the soul powerfully because i think that as much as he's a romantic, thing he feels pretty beaten up by the june verse. >> now there's expectation and pressure and all that, and billy decides to go way bigger, and he ratcheted the bar way up and then he scaled that bar. they sold 10 million copes of "mellon collie & infinite sadness." >> and the best hit of the year, smashing pumpkins, "tonight, tonight." >> i think it would be hard for any band with billy corgan in it
8:45 am
to be a democracy. >> he did everything by himself, played everything, was the primary songwriter. it was his game. it was his deal. smashing pumpkins was essentially him. >> and i can only imagine that's not fun if you're in the band with a musical genius like that. that breaks up bands. >> a number of years later billy announced i'm bringing back smashing pumpkins. >> billy has wanted to reclaim smashing pumpkins for years now, and think with oceanana, he's really done it. >> and the new smashing pumpkins' lineup is on a coast-to-coast tour ocean a na. the band plays tonight in new york. the musical genius, billy
8:46 am
corgan. that's how they describe you. good morning. >> good morning. >> good to see you. the fans say the new band is reinvigorated, reincorporated, the best vocals in years. do you think about that too? >> i think america is obsessed what's called the peak moment and as an artist i'm intoed in the journey. i'm just as interested in the lesser times as i am in the greater times. the as with picasso, there are horrible paintings. but i try not to get caught up in the mindset of that great, great, great, great. >> was it inevitable you would bring back smashing pumpkins? >> it's kind of funny. we discussed when with the band broke up, we started to create a
8:47 am
psychological space so that years later if we ever wanted to pick it back up, we would know where to start again. but they didn't sort of honor their end of it. we had sort of a kind of an unspoken contract that if we ever decided to put it back together, it will be like this for these set of reasons. so when i decided to press that button again, those got the point where that didn't work like that. >> you've written and reported some of the greatest songs that people love, can sing along with, can sing along for decades. how did you come who you are? how young were you when you started playing instruments? >> i think i was 4. >> oh, really? >>. >> my father was a musician. and he didn't want me to play music, was really against it. so it was very strange because i had this incredible intense desire. any time i was around an instrument, i would despair. my father had guitars in the house but i was allowed to look at them but i couldn't touch
8:48 am
them. >> nothing like a parent telling you you can't do it and you do it. >> here's billy corgan who lives in chicago. you have a beautiful house. you said i never pictured my house being this way. 45, living in my house single with dogs and cats made me think, should i set you one a nice young person? are you interested in a fixup or are you okay? >> a recommendation from you, gai gayle, would be something. >> this is the thing. do you like walks on the beach? >> i'm a sensitive person. >> i hear you opened a tea salon. >> a tea salon called madam zu sheriff zus. >> what is it about tea? >> it's not coffee. >> do you write all the songs. >> yes. i pretty much wrote all the songs. i actually never thought about it like that. it wasn't until we got managers
8:49 am
and they kind of met me for breakfast one morning on my own and i said what's going on. they said, who writes the songs in the band. i said, i do. they said you make a lot more money than them. that's going to be a problem. said, that's not going to be a problem. i work a lot, they don't. and it became a big problem. it's a very difficult environment. first of all, everyone understands the economy is not so good. that's a tough thing when you're asking people to put money they don't necessarily have on the barrelhead. but beyond that we're seeing -- rock 'n' roll's aged to the point where it's no longer the dangerous thing it once was. you hear it in commercials. people -- i see 6-year-old gills with purng rock hair. those images and that sim beeology is not as dangerous as it once was. so to continue to be as dangerous in an environment that no one sees as dangerous is difficult.
8:50 am
>> good luck with your tour, billy corgan. we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning." [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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8:52 am
this has been an interesting morning. >> it really has. are you okay, charlie? >> i am. that does it for us. up next, your local ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:53 am
8:54 am
mall e news hea this is a cbs 5 eyewitness news morning update. good morning, 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. with your news headlines on this monday. a man died overnight after he and a woman were found bound and gagged in the middle of the street. the woman has life threatening injuries. police have no motive and they have no suspects either. today is sentencing day for the woman who killed the nursing student michelle le
8:55 am
last year. gisele esteban faces 25 years in jail. she was said to have killed le in a jealous rage over a man. today a measure is up for discussion that could increase the supply of smoke free rental housing in san francisco. proposed legislation would require apartment units to be labeled smoking or nonsmoking. the san francisco association says it may support an out right ban on smoking. lawrence is off, liz is in and it's a because of day isn't it. it is. we have clear -- it's a beautiful day isn't? >> it is. we have clear blue skies, pretty mild temperatures. 65 in livermore. 65 from san francisco and 66 degrees in oakland. it's not going to last long. we're going to feel cooler temperatures by tomorrow and rain moves into the forecast tuesday night into wednesday morning clearing thursday and friday, then the weekend looks
8:56 am
a little unsettled. your time saver traffic coming up next your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples. that's a given. you need safeway sugar for just $1.97. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another -- only $2.99 for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, "yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday."
8:57 am
good morning metering lights on on the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic still slow backed up to 880. a couple accidents out there. first one southbound 101 at sir
8:58 am
francis drake. cleared out of the right lane to the right shoulder, still slow and go as you approach the scene. the golden gate bridge, we're seeing a stop and go situation. if you head into san francisco, south 101 to i-80. and 880 and 101 at mountain view, look out for slow conditions. that's traffic, have a great day. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
8:59 am
is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. >> rachael: today... >> we can't wait for the cookie show! [cheers and applause] >> rachael: have some milk, it's our first ever holiday cookie show. with so many fabulous cookies, i asked my gal pal, valerie bertinelli to get in on the action. >> oh, yeah, baby. >> rachael: whether you are crispy or gooey. >> i'm the cookie monster. >> rachael: chips or chunks. >> those smell so good. >> rachael: we have the ss

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